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Laptop gone for atleast three months more, end terms from tomorrow but still trying to write in the meantime, yet another attempt at fiction writing Praful woke up with a start. Just in time to see Legolas slither down the trunk of the Oliphant smartly onto his feet plus. His chinos had a darkening stain around his groin where the hysterical local kid in the next seat had knocked over his coke. He sighed and slouched into his seat, feeling the cool liquid seep through. He fell asleep ten minutes into the movie and the coke was all over himself and the burgundy carpetting. He had read the book many times.

Bref, la mécanique était volontairement hypocrite.

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Des annuaires en ligne recensaient les liens menant aux fichiers illégaux sur MegaUpload, qui fermait les yeux sur le contenu transféré sur ses serveurs. Fermé avec force et fracas par la justice américaine, MegaUpload est officiellement mort.

The man turned and ran, dissolving into the darkness of the sandy wasteland behind the camp grounds. Praful came out of his room and stood leaning against the doorway, to get his breath back. He turned back and looked at pouch.

That was what he wanted, thought Praful. Instantly he wanted to make sure it remained safe.

Irfan, honourably, told him to latch up his room and go back to sleep. He slowly held the pouch in his fingers and felt the metallic object within it. He weighed the possibility of carrying it to work.

K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) - Télécharger

But then the metal detectors would beep everytime he went from sector to sector. Half-heartedly he left it on the table and changed.

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Just as he locked up his room, he wondered what would happen if the man came back. He stepped back in, picked up the pouch and stuffed in his overcoat pocket plus.


An Berliner who switched sides and ideology, Helmut treated his men well. Praful told him about the shrieking voice and the incessant screaming.

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Praful did not tell him about the pouch in his pocket plus. No point in letting others see the thing and then being the butt of jokes. At 5 in the evening he cleared his desk and was all set to leave for camp. While clearing out his pockets of papers, test slips and used gloves he lightly felt the leather pouch.

Hide it hear in the lab and noone will find out he thought. He quickly taped the pouch to the bottom of his middle left hand drawer and sat back in smug satisfaction.

Going down with the ship

Helmut boarded the importad Tata staff bus and rushed to sit next to Praful. Helmut liked to prove his genius with a flourish. He gave Helmut a questioning look that really didnt expect too much flourish.

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Going down with the ship – Media Nation

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